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Nicole believes that everyone has been created for a purpose. She specifically has a passion for fatherless girls and women to find healing in Christ and to begin to live out their purpose on earth. Nicole believes that everyone has a particular skill or talent that has been apart of them from a young age. She has confidence that this skill or talent can be developed as one ages, such in the case of Nicole who has loved organizing from an early age and had no idea of turning her passion for order into a business plan and began Purposely Organized. Nicole has also obtained a Biology degree at Howard University in Washington, DC. Nicole believes that in order to effectively fulfill your purpose, you must seek healing and wholeness. 



Lauren founded Jack’s Place, A dual language children’s Playgroup in Bed-Stuy, in 2014 and has spent the more present several years working in the non for profit industry as an Events Coordinator. With a background in Media and Events, her next sights are set on opening a Café in Brooklyn NY (Jack and Jill Market ) and whatever else God has for her. 

As long as she is spreading light and inspirational Lauren believes she is doing what she was meant to do– And that’s ultimately, to shine and continue to be free in Christ Jesus.

“When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for them to feel like their lives are unraveling . My great passion and purpose is to reach those women  and share the Gospel with them. My life is a testimony to God's ability to heal brokenness, to make the unclean clean and give opportunity of life to a woman who'd been searching for peace in all the wrong places.”

Our Vision 

Our desire is for everyone to experience WHOLENESS in every area of their lives, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and educationally for a true life of purpose.


Acknowledge any Brokenness. 


Build yourself Up!


Have a vision for your life.

We designed a community for Christian Women to join together, share their testimonies, and grow towards Christ.

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