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Socially Whole

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Women are generally recognized as loving and socially exciting persons. In your life, especially your marriage and family, God is also expecting your to be whole socially by maintaining good relationships and being a good wife to your husband and good mother to your children.

Qualities such as love, patience, forgiveness, meekness and others are supposed to be flowing out of your heart by the Holy Spirit.

My dear woman, you can be whole and complete; have a blissful, physically healthy, spiritually powerful, financially stable, purpose driven life in Jesus. All you have to so is open your heart in faith to Him like the woman with the issue of blood, accept Him wholly into your heart, and follow all His instructions as He guides you by His Spirit. God did not make you imperfect, He made you whole, and that is what Jesus is offering to you now.

Kindly drop your comments, questions and additional insight on the topic discussed. I am sure God will start leading you into His plans for you of becoming whole in Christ. Thank you

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